Welcome to our resources page. We have information we feel could be helpful to the general public. Please note, this is only a partial list of available resources for the general public. You are encouraged to reach out to your local hospital social worker, or public health department social worker for all services and resources that is available in your area!

Financial Assistance for Victim's of Crime

Please click on the picture to access the New Mexico Crime Victim's Reparation Commission website where you fill find resources, brochures, and applications in Emglish and Spanish for financial assistance. 

Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund


TSD administers a legislatively mandated ignition interlock indigent fund to provide a subsidy to indigent offenders required to install an interlock device in their vehicles. If indigency is granted and provided that money is available in the Interlock Device Fund, the NMDOT Traffic Safety Division shall pay for one vehicle per offender, up to: $50.00 for the cost of installation; $30.00 monthly for verified active usage of the interlock device, and up to $50.00 for the cost of removal. The offender is responsible for all other charges associated with the installation, servicing and removal of the ignition interlock device.


To view, download and/or see if you qualify for the Ignition Interlock Indigent Fund, please click on the application link below.

English Application

Spanish Application


If you are having thoughts about harming yourself, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency room!

Even in seemingly hopeless situations, there is an option. Please use all available resources to explore your options. You matter!