Payment Options

Forms of Payment Accepted

We accept most major credit cards or HSA Cards. We Also Accept Cash.

If you are covered by insurance other than these listed plans, please call the customer service number in back of your insurance card to ask about "Out of Network Benefits". There is a reimbursement amount set by your insurance company which will reimburse you directly if you go to a provider they do not contract with.  

How this works is, you pay cash for therapy services, and we will generate a special bill the insurance company uses to process your reimbursement. 

Please keep in mind that some insurance plans have a deductible as well. This means you must meet a certain amount of bills on your own before your insurance will start paying for your services. Please read your insurance plan information carefully or call your customer service number. 

Please feel free to ask about our payment plans if you plan to pay for therapy services out of pocket.


We accept Cash payments, most major credit cards, or Health Savings Card (HSA)


Don’t let healthcare costs keep you from getting the care you need.

Join the 12.7+ million cardholders that have the CareCredit credit card to help pay for their care.*


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*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. 

See for details.

Centennial Coverage

We accept New Mexico State Centennial coverage as follows:


New Mexico Medicaid Exempt


Blue Cross/Blue Shield 

(Centennial & Commercial)

*We do not accept Atena  or Genesis plans under Blue Cross/Blue Shield



(Centennial & Commercial)