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We are a Trauma-Informed Care outpatient behavioral health practice that provides clinical and culturally appropriate mental health care to individuals across the life span. 

We prioritize delivery of services for those affected by traumatic experiences such as tragic shootings, senseless victimization, catastrophic disaster displacement/loss, grief/loss, pandemic isolation, anxiety and more. 

We can help guide you through these terrible times so you can regain your strength to live a meaningful quality of life. 

We recognize the prevalence of trauma in the lives of those we serve and have incorporated the principles of Trauma-Informed Care into the services we provide.

Tres Rios Wellness Counseling subscribes to the following beliefs in delivering quality clinical mental health services.

1.   Evidence Based Practices: Our services integrate responsive whole person-centered care planning. We use motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), and other well researched methodologies in your care.

2.   Trauma Informed Care: We provide services in a manner that supports and recognizes individuals have experienced trauma in the course of their life experiences.

3.   Community Education: We provide outreach and education to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

4.   Commitment: We are committed to quality care. We provide services in English, Spanish, and Navajo languages. In the context of a building a caring therapeutic relationship, we facilitate access to resources necessary for managing emotional distress and meeting basic human needs with the goal of preserving your dignity.

Tres Rios Wellness Counseling is staffed by compassionate professional clinicians and helpful support personnel ready to provide services to teens, adults, and seniors who are struggling with a range of mental and emotional health issues. We partner with you in the treatment process, draw upon your strengths and cultivate your support system. We recognize your circumstances are unique, so we tailor your treatment and recovery goals designed specifically to meet your needs.






Occupational Stress

Medical Professionals

First Responders



Alcohol Use 

Cannabis Use

Narcotic Use



Childhood Trauma

Sexual Assault Survivors

Disaster Survivors

Car Wrecks

School Shooting Survivors

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